Grand Çamlıca Mosque & TV Tower

A user friendly and informative brochure with illustrations and plans. Its content is very easy to understand. In addition to general information about Grand Çamlıca Mosque & TV Tower in Istanbul, Turkey, it shows the illustrations of the area. Visit Üsküdar and set foot in Asia; one of the nicest experiences in Istanbul.

Quick Guide Grand Çamlıca Mosque & TV Tower

Available in English

Fold-out Pamphlet with 8 pages
Full-color photographs, maps, plans, illustrations and 3D reconstruction drawings
Published by Serif Yenen in 2021
Dimensions (in inches) 8.66 x 6.30 (in centimeters) 22.00 x 16.00

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Grand Çamlıca Mosque

Grand Çamlıca Mosque